August 27th, 2011, Life Lessons

Carpe Diem!

On the London Eye

Last week I was on roadshow in London. In investment banking terms this means that I brought the CEO of a company to visit my clients – mostly hedge fund managers – as potential investors.

Roadshows are exhausting. One flies in with the earliest flight and leaves with the last, the day itself is filled with meetings. As it turned out, though, we had an hour free before lunch, due to a last minute cancellation. When this happens, typically the company opts for relaxing or working over a coffee or doing a bit of shopping. This is London after all.

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August 20th, 2011, Life Lessons

Flow - the Secret to manifesting Happiness

girl drawing

“Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities.” -Aldous Huxley

The secret to manifest your desires effectively, it is best to be with your emotions in a happy place. Thus, aspiring manifestors often try with all their might to be happy. This usually proves quite elusive. Trying hard works well when studying for school. When it comes to emotions and manifesting a more roundabout way tends to bring far better results. When you are deeply engrossed in an activity you get into “flow”. Accroding to positive psychology, flow describes the

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August 13th, 2011, Life Lessons

Abundance and Scarcity - Parrots and Dogs

Jack retrieving

Observing animals teaches me a lot about life and the law of attraction. Take last weekend. I had done “big” grocery wholesale shopping for eighteen parrots, two dogs and myself. This is a chore I do not particularly cherish. Consequently, I have become an “expert” at minimizing it, allowing me to stretch the time between such trips to four to six weeks.

The dogs love it when I go mega-shopping. Part of my shopping trip includes getting a raw chicken* for each of them. In an otherwise vegetarian household this is a rare and barbaric treat that is much cherished

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August 6th, 2011, Life Lessons

Manifesting Matters

No, I am not always successful in manifesting. Mulling this annoying fact around the other day, I noticed that I have a manifesting pattern. The are things I manifest with ease and others with which I am currently totally luckless with. Generating earned income is easy for me. Wishing things away like manifesting meetings getting cancelled that I don’t want to go to and getting rid of annoying people is also easy for me. What I am really struggling with is manifesting items.

Photo: Anna ShineyMy new iMac, with sexy little back-up harddrive, German and English keyboards and magic

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