November 20th, 2011, Articles

Receiving - a secret to successful manifesting

Disaster struck last week. My friend’s house burnt down. The male of her pair of african grey parrots was placed dead into her shaking hands. Her daughter’s cat perished, as well. My friend and her daughter were left with the clothes on their backs. Their remaining animals, a pair of macaws, the dog and the female african grey needed to be treated at the veterinary clinic for more than a week – an extremely expensive proposition. My friend did not have insurance. She had not been able to afford it. So was left with nothing and big bills. When I

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November 13th, 2011, Articles

Work you Love

Last week I missed writing Sunday’s blog article. The reason is that I was so engrossed in getting two new books ready for the printer (about parrots and in German – sorry folks ;-)). Finishing up books is hard work. The writing is the easy part. And then you need to scrub it and edit it and scrub it some more, until it is squeeky clean of typos and grammatical errors and a joy to read. In that phase of book writing I tend to get a little obsessive. I took the week off and stopped answering my phone and

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