July 3rd, 2011

Time to criticize - time to praise

Today I received an email from a woman who had an annoying experience with a bus driver. She was upset about it for two days and then she sat down to write a long, essay style complaint letter to the bus company.

What a waste of life time!

Imagine the incident took, say, thirty seconds. Instead of refocussing on something nice, she spent the next 48 hours stewing about it – thus, being unhappy. Then she wrote the complaint letter passing all that bad energy on. Not enough with that, she talked and complained about the incident to many people and sent it even to mailing lists. Thus, she passed on the negative energy not only to the people at the bus company, but also to all friends, family and acquaintances that she felt she had to share the experience and the letter with. And a lot of these people will likely pass it on to someone else, too.

Imagine that: Thirty seconds of negativity has now ballooned into countless hours of negativity with thousands of people. The mailing list alone had more than three-thousand participants. And what is worse – I cannot see anyone benefiting from it. Not even the woman who wrote the letter. She just extended the time during which she felt upset at the incident. Even if she doesn’t care one whit about the thousands of other people she is negatively affecting, she should certainly care enough about herself to put a stop to it.

Now can you imagine the impact, if instead she had refocused herself to find the positive in that situation?

At worst, she’d have the same thirty seconds of negativity and then nothing afterwards. At best, she would have sent thousands and thousands of hours of positive energy to others. The law of attraction holds that whatever we put out there will be brought back to us by the universe. Looking at this situation what would you rather have:

a) The universe whacking you back with several thousand hours of negativity or

b) The universe floating thousands of hours of positive feelings back at you?

Put that way, I think the decision is fairly obvious to all of us.

This week, I would like you to consciously take note of situations, about which you feel unhappy. Next have a thorough look at these experiences and identify any positive aspects you can find in them. Then, I want you to talk about these positive aspects. Tell your friends about it, post it to your mailing lists and forums. Spread anything positive you find to as many people as you can. This should make you and many others feel pretty good. And then relax and take note about the universe’s reactions. 🙂

Have a bright and shiney week,



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