July 30th, 2011

Express yourself

Traffic cop

What kind of cop are you?

As I walked to lunch today I had to cross a big intersection. Because of construction the traffic lights were out and two cops were directing the cars and pedestrians.

One of them, an older guy, was charming. He brought so much of his personality into his hand signals that he had me watching him grinning ear to ear. The other cop a young women did the hand signals by the book and looked annoyed in the sveltering mid-summer noon heat.

As I continued my walk, I thought about the two of them. Both had to stick to the rules of directing traffic or else chaos or worse would have ensued. But one of them danced with it, enjoyed it and made it enjoyable for the rest of us, too. Meanwhile the other one, hated it and made it unpleasant for us to watch.
So what kind of cop are you? Do you dance through life playing with the rules and situations given to you? Or do you suffer and think about how horrible everything is?

This week, I would like you to bend the rules a little and have fun doing it. It can be something small and simple, as long as it makes you smile a little inside thinking of the secret you have with yourself. Instead of a blue pen, use a pink one. Instead of a skim latte, have a dollop of cream on top, wear a lacey shirt instead of a plain t-shirt to your kid’s soccer practice. Or at least wear fancy underwear. Whatever it is, it should make you feel, a little bit naughty like a child who is getting away with something. Have a secret between you and yourself.

Enjoy and have a great week,

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