August 6th, 2011

Manifesting Matters

No, I am not always successful in manifesting. Mulling this annoying fact around the other day, I noticed that I have a manifesting pattern. The are things I manifest with ease and others with which I am currently totally luckless with.
Generating earned income is easy for me. Wishing things away like manifesting meetings getting cancelled that I don’t want to go to and getting rid of annoying people is also easy for me. What I am really struggling with is manifesting items.

Photo: Anna Shiney
My new iMac, with sexy little back-up harddrive, German and English keyboards and magic mouse ... perfect... 🙂

Recently, I really, really wanted a 27″ iMac. It was my heart’s desire. I thought of it and put it on my vision board. Did I win one in a raffle? No way. What happened is that my windows laptop started to have big problems, until I concluded that not getting a new computer was too risky. I need my computer on a daily basis and being without one is simply unthinkable. So, I decided that I could no longer wait for the manifestation of my iMac. I would irresponsibly purchase it on my credit card and worry about payment later.
Imagine my surprised pleasure when not even 48 hours later, I received a huge refund on a contested invoice regarding something completely different in the mail. The amount almost to the cent covered the payment for my new iMac. That was a rather round about way for the law of attraction to work. But work it did! 🙂
This brings me to two concepts:
1. What are your manifesting talents?
2. What do you need to practice?
Many manifesting experts tell you to focus on the item or situation you want and let the universe take care of the rest. I believe that this disempowers you. I suspect that this method has worked best for them and that is why the recommend everyone to use it. However, like me, some of you may be better at manifesting cash than at items. I would suggest by all means to use whatever method works best for you, if you are working on manifesting something you urgently want or need.
At the same time, we ought to strive to get better all the time. Thus, if you are adept at using one manifesting method, I would urge you to learn new ones. It is always good to increase one’s tool kit and – who knows – you may not even have discovered, yet, the method which you are best at.

So this week, I would like you to try two exercises, if you have the time. Start by picking an item you have not been able to manifest, yet. Then brainstorm all the possible ways you could use to bring this into your reality.

1. Exercise one:

Manifest it by using the method you think you feel most comfortqble with. Make a note of all the details you noticed while manifesting: thoughts, feelings, distractions. Anything you thing might have any significance.

2. Exercise two:

Then over the course of the week try out the other methods from your brainstorming exercises one by one. Note down all details you noticed when using each particular method like you did for the first exercise:
How did it make you feel?
Was it easy or hard for you to use
What kind of barriers popped up?

I would love to hear from you how these exercises work out for you!

Have a great manifesting week,

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