August 13th, 2011

Abundance and Scarcity - Parrots and Dogs

Observing animals teaches me a lot about life and the law of attraction.
Take last weekend. I had done “big” grocery wholesale shopping for eighteen parrots, two dogs and myself. This is a chore I do not particularly cherish. Consequently, I have become an “expert” at minimizing it, allowing me to stretch the time between such trips to four to six weeks.

The dogs love it when I go mega-shopping. Part of my shopping trip includes getting a raw chicken* for each of them. In an otherwise vegetarian household this is a rare and barbaric treat that is much cherished by my dogs. Upon my return from shopping they each get their chicken and happily trot off into the garden to devour it. Minutes later – you would not believe how quickly those chickens are inhaled – the dogs are back in the house, stomachs bulging, but nevertheless begging for more.

Being hunters, for my dogs life is about scarcity. They eat whatever is offered in the amount given. As soon as a meal is over, they start looking for the next meal, instead of relaxing and enjoying. They eat when they can to the point of exploding, as they never know where their next supper might come from. This is hardwired into their brains. My dogs certainly have never hungered in this life.

My parrots on the other hand are very relaxed about food. They sift through their bowls at leisure. If they are not keen on a treat they trustingly return it to me and wait for me to give them something they like better. Some of them even share their treats with me. They give me their nut, completely trusting that I will only take a nibble and then return it to them. If they want a treat and I don’t react, they keep on “asking”. If one method doesn’t work, they try something else. It really is quite comical.

Jack retrieving

Jack retrievingPhoto: David Jayne

Jack, my greenwing macaw, will lift his foot and direct his head toward the fridge. This is his signal to me to pick him up and take him to the fridge for a treat. If I ignore that, he pulls my arm over in the direction where he wants to go. Then he goes through the gamut of telling me “mmmhhh”. After that he starts retrieving all kinds of items and bringing them to me hoping for a treat. He just doesn’t give up, until I start to laugh and go the the fridge with him where he gets some pine nuts or whatever he desires.

Of course this trust in the availability of resources comes from parrots being foragers in a tropical environment that is abundant (except of course in those increasing areas where man is destroying nature to put cattle and other things on the ground – but that’s another topic altogether).

What is your treat style? Do you trust the universe enough to return a manifestation you don’t really want, knowing you’ll be getting something better? Do you persevere in your request: Asking in any way you can think of, but never giving up, knowing that eventually the universe will give you whatever it is that you desire?

This week I would like you to think about items and situations you wanted to manifest and then gave up on. Pick one of these and make a list of all the different ways you could go about manifesting it. And then start working on it using each of these methods and stick with it, until your desire has turned into reality. Show the universe that you really are going to manifest this no matter what it takes. Show the universe that this desire is so important to you that you will stick with it. And also show the universe that you completely trust it to provide you with your desire, as soon as you have found the right way of asking.
Have a wonderful and determined week,

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