August 20th, 2011

Flow - the Secret to manifesting Happiness

“Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities.” -Aldous Huxley

The secret to manifest your desires effectively, it is best to be with your emotions in a happy place. Thus, aspiring manifestors often try with all their might to be happy. This usually proves quite elusive. Trying hard works well when studying for school. When it comes to emotions and manifesting a more roundabout way tends to bring far better results.
When you are deeply engrossed in an activity you get into “flow”. Accroding to positive psychology, flow describes the state in which all your emotions are aligned with the task at hand in a positive and energized way. This is coincidentally the same state in which manifesting works really well.

girl drawing

Drawing can get you into flow like this little girl forgetting the world around her.

So for this week’s exercise, I would like you to mentally travel back to your youth and to recall an activity that you really liked to to, spent a lot of time doing and totally immersed yourself in. Then organise all the equipment you need to engage in this activity once more. If you liked to paint, get yourself a painting block, some paint brushes and colors. If you liked to rollerskate, get yourself some rollerskates or obtain a book that you loved to read and that totally made you forget your surroundings.

Next, schedule for yourself a couple of hours of undisturbed time, during which you can immerse yourlf in this activity. Let your mind go enjoy what you are doing, until you are totally engrossed. Do you recall, how it felt when you were in flow with this activity back when you were a child? Try to recapture the way you felt. Savor it. When you are coming out of flow, but still have the glow around you, release a manifestation desire into these feelings and then let it go.

If you can, regularly engage in activities that get you into flow and use them to aid your manifesting efforts.

And please remember to leave a comment on your experience with this.

Thanks and have a flowing week.


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