August 27th, 2011

Carpe Diem!

Last week I was on roadshow in London. In investment banking terms this means that I brought the CEO of a company to visit my clients – mostly hedge fund managers – as potential investors.

Roadshows are exhausting. One flies in with the earliest flight and leaves with the last, the day itself is filled with meetings. As it turned out, though, we had an hour free before lunch, due to a last minute cancellation. When this happens, typically the company opts for relaxing or working over a coffee or doing a bit of shopping. This is London after all.

Not this CEO. His eyes lit up like a little boy’s and he equally endearingly pleaded to go on the London Eye – a huge ferris wheel with beautiful views of London from high above. I hesitated. Lines would be huge on account of the summer holidays. He pleaded to drive at least by to see how bad the lines were. I was fine with that. He’d see for himself and then it would be ok to get some boring coffee.

However, when our driver pulled up before the location, my CEO hopped out of the car and raced to one of the security guards. Lines where indeed bad, but for a surcharge access to an express lane could be purchased. This could actually work. So he went to buy us the required tickets. Standing in the considerably shorter express lane, his childlike excitement started to spread to me. I had been to London so many times on business over the last years, but never took the time for tourist attractions. I started to feel like a kid on school holidays. What fun!

On the London Eye

Carpe Diem on the London Eye Photo: Anna Shiney

We hugely enjoyed our ferris wheel ride and made it to our lunch appointment only 15 min. late which in London is totally acceptable, as everyone gets stuck in traffic all the time.

My trips to London are largely a blur. But this one I will never forget. And even writing this now, I am sitting here with a huge grin on my face enjoying the memory.

This week I would like you to break your routine to participate in a childrens’ adventure. Go to the zoo and buy yourself a huge ice cream cone. Go to a children’s matinee and immerse yourself in giggles and laughter. Go to the circus or maybe a fair. Or simply browse the children’s section of your bookstore and read books that brought you joy as a child. Try to recapture your childhood feeling of bliss, happiness and enthusiasm at simple treats. Remember, the secret to manifest a great life is to be happy in the here and now.

Enjoy and have a giggly week,

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