September 18th, 2011

Clutter is not the Secret to the Law of Attraction

Do you have a lot of clutter in your house? This may be a sign that you are not attuned with the Law of Attraction and the secret to manifesting. Clutter will make it harder for you to manifest the life you desire and to allow the abundance of the universe into your life.

Many people have a hoarder mentality – at least to some degree. In the most extreme cases, this results in hoarding. In others there is just a pervading sense of clutter in their home. Apart from the nice feeling of an organized clutter free home, there are deeper implications.

When asked about their clutter, hoarders regularly say that they find it hard to throw things away, “because one may need them someday”. Often these habits have been learned from parents or grandparents that experienced the depression or a war; thus, from loved ones that had life threatening experiences regarding scarcity.

These experiences were passed on to us. Even though they are not relevant to us in our current lifes, they still hold us back. The hoarder mentality is focused on scarcity, on lack, on need. Focusing on lack will draw more lack into our lifes. This is the opposite of the abundance mindeset that we require to draw abundance into our lives. Thus we need to let go of the hoarder’s scarcity mindset. A minimalist home is a sign of the occupant trusting the universe to provide when and if needed.

This week, I would like you to start going through your belongings with the view of sorting out anything that you are keeping, because you may need it someday. Put these items into a moving carton. Imagine giving them away. How does that feel? Process the negative feelings associated with getting rid of your clutter using techniques, such as EFT or simply sheer will power and then get rid of the stuff, allowing wealth, health, love and happiness into your life instead.

Have a decluttering week,

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