October 2nd, 2011

Ambivalence - the Secret Block to successful Manifesting

My friend Angie had a horrible boss. On top of that the company she worked for was for sale. Everyone knew that a lot of jobs would be lost. Angie being a positive person, instead of being distraught, started dreaming of the life she would build for herself once she got her severance package. She knew, she would be high on the layoff list as her boss hated her as much as she did him. It was an unpleasant situation, but with a bright silver lining.

Then one day she told me about her awful boss. She was so upset and poured out all the horrible things he had done and said. Being the author of a law of attraction how-to book, of course I suggested to use LOA to do something about it. She is well familiar with the method, but like many people, when she is upset she forgets about the skills she has. Angie sat down that very day and did some intensive LOA. Just a few days later she excitedly told me that her boss was being transferred to a different unit. Hooray! This is how quickly LOA works when used correctly.

Her new boss was a dream come true. Highly professional with excellent personal skills, too. All of a sudden Angie started to enjoy going to work again. Within a short few weeks Angie’s new boss realized her value and she was put in charge of high visibilty projects that also raised her standing within the company. All of a sudden Angie wasn’t quite so sure anymore, if she wanted to leave the company. She was having fun for the first time in many years. And she was shown clearly that she was respected and her work valued.

Angie figured that this was no big deal. She would let the universes decide what would happen. At this point she was totally ambivalent about the layoffs. She kept dreaming about moving to her future island home and setting up her own business with the severance pay while going to work everyday having fun with her projects and enjoying working with her boss. Eventually “D-day” came around. The board announced significant upcoming personell cuts. No one was surprised. In fact everyone had been expecting this for many months. Angie was somewhat stunned by the way this was done. Announcing layoffs by email? Really. Her new boss took one look at her puzzled face. Misunderstanding her bewilderment and wishing to reassure her, he called Angie over to his desk. He told me: “I just want to let you know that you have nothing to worry about” After a pause, in which he observed her ambivalent reaction, he continued “unless you want to”.

In other words, he gave Angie the choice of continuing in her job or receiving a severance package. So much for letting the universe decide. It just handed all that ambivalence straight back at Angie, telling her to decide.

Angie’s case is, of course, a wonderful win-win situation for her. Quite often though, we are desperately wanting to manifest something, but our own ambivalence stops it from happening. To become an effective manifestor, you need to seek clarity in your wishes. This week, I would like you to review manifestations that have not been successful for you. Observe, whether you feel ambivalent about these wishes coming true. If you are ambivalent, figure out why. If appropriate, process your negative feelings about that which you wish to manifest using EFT or other healing methods. You may also redesign your manifestation formula to reflect more accurately your true desires.

Have an ambivalence-free week,

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