October 9th, 2011

Living your life

This week has been overshadowed by death. Early in the week, I was called to come home. My mother is in hospital and very close to her final journey in this life. Just the week before a friend of mine drowned in Mallorca. He was only 34 years old. His life partner – also a friend of mine – and he were planning to get finally married after eleven years of being together.
By some sign of the universe, their house is in the same town where my mom’s hospital is located. Thus, I had emailed my friend to see, if she felt at all up to meeting for a coffee. Instead she invited me to stay with her while she was preparing the funeral of her almost-husband.
I spent days at the hospital with a lot of time for my own thoughts as my mom is not responsive. After the hospital, back at Barbara’s place, we spent hours talking. Yesterday, I attended Markus’ funeral. The eulogy was wonderful. It conjured a vivid image of Markus like he was for us. It showed the love that we, friends and family, had for him. I wondered how his life would have turned out, had he been able to follow his path for many more years. It also made me wonder, if each of us is set on a path that will lead us to living the the life we truly want.
This week I would like you to imagine that you had a long and fulfilled life in which you achieved your wildest dreams and deepest desires. Think of a life that you lived in a way that it and you mattered to others. Then write a eulogy for that life. Once you have done this write another eulogy. One that would be accurate, if you died today. Then compare both. See where they overlap. See how they differ. Determine what you most urgently need to change to fulfil your ideal life.

Wishing you a thoughtful week,

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