October 16th, 2011

Unfinished Business

Last week, I wrote about my mother’s sudden illness. This week, sadly, I must tell you that Thursday morning at 1:30 am, I received a call from my brother, telling me that my mom had passed away in her sleep. We had moved her from the hospital to a nursing home on Monday and had every hope that she would get better given the superior care there.
On Monday the doctors wanted us to decide to stop dialysis as my Mom wasn’t responsive. That would have meant that her body would have been poisoned in a few days’ time leading to an – in my opinion – unpleasant death.
I believe that the soul will pass on when it is ready. When it is done with what it still means to do on this earth, then it will leave the body regardless of what machines are attached to it. So, I was against stopping the dialysis. Luckily my brother felt the same way, so that my mother received all the care she could up to her final moment.
During those last days there were several occasions in which I could smell my mother, as if she were standing next to me. I told this to my brother who had an identical experience in the middle of the night. In fact the smell was so strong that both, he and his wife, were awakened by it.
I would like to think that this really was my mother’s soul visiting and saying good-bye to us in her own way. Getting closure before leaving on her final journey for this life.
This week, I have a difficult exercise in store for you. One that I have been grappling with myself. Imagine that you knew you had only one week to live. What would you do? Whom would you visit? Whom do you have unfinished business with. Do you need to apologize to anyone? Make peace with anyone? Or tell someone you love them? You never know when your time may come. Try to be prepared.
Have a reflective week and be grateful for all that you have,

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