October 23rd, 2011

What Greece has to do with the law of attraction

Last week on a law of attraction mailing list, we had been discussing world politics when a Canadian lady chimed in that she was bored with it, because Greece has nothing to do with Canada.

I beg to differ. Simplistically put: The banks of many countries have Greek bonds in their books. Should Greece default, these bonds will need to be written down substantially, leading to tax losses. It may also trigger further defaults. The EU may be able to stem the Greek problem with some effort. However, if other countries start to default, there won’t be much that can be done. Saving additional countries will be beyond the EU’s financial means. This would be a grim prospect, indeed.

Even if we do manage to save Greece, the act of doing so will hurt us. Saving Greece is expensive. Money must be raised for Greece and also to compensate for lost taxes. Governments obtain money by increasing taxes. Now guess what this will do to our spending habits? This may manifest the looming shadow of a recession into reality here in Europe all too soon. And if Europe stumbles into a recession – do you truly think that this will not affect other countries?

Esoteric teaching hold that we are all part of the one. A somewhat abstract notion. The reality of it is quite graspable. If Greece hurts, many others are hurt. If you hurt, many others are hurt, as well. If you are happy, however, this will impact many others, too; like all your actions will affect many others.

This week, I would like you to pick a simple action that you do and follow its impact and multiplications through all stages. Think of who may be affected. Think of what the impact is down the line on people, animals, plants, yes, even the planet. See how in some way you are connected to all and responsible for all.

Have a connected week,

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