October 30th, 2011

Are monsters in the night stopping you from manifesting?

All Hallows’ Eve. Halloween. Restless spirits causing mischief. Laid to rest with presents.
The origins of halloween are debated by scholars. Some believe it is a celtic tradition, others attribute it to prechristian traditions. Some say it derives from Hallowmas and All Souls Day where we pray for the deceased to overcome purgatory.
Regardless of its origins, deep inside us there are hidden fears: fear of the dark, of the unknown, of monsters and ghosts. Can you recall being a child, afraid of creatures that may have hidden under your bed or in your closet at night? Back then your fear could be kept at bay with a night light or a bedroom door kept ajar.
As we grew older, we learned to suppress our fears, as we were taught – but never felt – they were ridiculous. Suppression, however, has never solved an emotional issue, such as fear. It continues to fester in the dark.
Often we can feel the shadows of those fears as nagging feelings, when we have to cross a deserted parking lot at night or go into a dark basement. These nagging feelings may keep you from feeling truly through and through wonderful. Thus, they will hinder your manifestation efforts. In the worst case, they may be so strong that they draw experiences to you that match those suppressed fears.
This week in honour of Halloween, I would like you to go back in time and remember those things you were afraid of as a child. Remember the scared feelings, the situations, the tales you heard that aroused your fears. Take them out into daylight, dust them off and see them for what they really are. Maybe daylight will discharge your fears, already.
If they continue to make you feel uncomfortable, resolve them with EFT-tapping, until they are gone.

Have a monster-free week,

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