November 13th, 2011

Work you Love

Last week I missed writing Sunday’s blog article. The reason is that I was so engrossed in getting two new books ready for the printer (about parrots and in German – sorry folks ;-)).
Finishing up books is hard work. The writing is the easy part. And then you need to scrub it and edit it and scrub it some more, until it is squeeky clean of typos and grammatical errors and a joy to read. In that phase of book writing I tend to get a little obsessive.
I took the week off and stopped answering my phone and emails. From five a.m. every morning, until nightfall I sat in front of my computer. And I loved it. Sure my back (and my derriere … ugh) got sore from all that sitting. But I love writing and it felt great when I was able to send two finished manuscripts to the printers right on schedule Friday night.
This week I would like you to consider which activities you like to do so much that you don’t have a problem getting up at five a.m. to do them and slogging away at them all day. Ideally those would be the activities that you earn your living with. This may not be possible for all of us. If it isn’t for you, consider how you could at least have activities you love be a greater part of your life.
We all have to do some things we are not so fond of. The crux is, to do things you like for at least half of your time every day – preferably more. This will go along way to making you happier each and every day.
As you know, being happy and focussing on the things we love is the secret to manifesting a better life.
Have a productive week,

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