November 20th, 2011

Receiving - a secret to successful manifesting

Disaster struck last week. My friend’s house burnt down. The male of her pair of african grey parrots was placed dead into her shaking hands. Her daughter’s cat perished, as well. My friend and her daughter were left with the clothes on their backs. Their remaining animals, a pair of macaws, the dog and the female african grey needed to be treated at the veterinary clinic for more than a week – an extremely expensive proposition. My friend did not have insurance. She had not been able to afford it. So was left with nothing and big bills.
When I talked to her on the phone she was devastated. It hurt to hear the desolation in her voice. She asked me what she had done to deserve this. Now, Doris is a wonderful person. She is an only mother, bringing up two children who adore her. Whenever anyone needs help, Doris is there for them. I told her, I did not think that this happened, because she “deserved” this according to some stern order of the universe. I thought, maybe it was a lesson for her to learn to sit back and let others help her for a change.
I ran a blog, twitter and Facebook campaign for donations and foster homes for her animals (on my German parrot website). The response was overwhelming. Total strangers contacted us with offers of help and funds. Within four days we had raised the cash for the veterinary clinic who also helped by giving a hefty 50% discount on their bill. In the same space of time we also found great foster care for the animals for free. Everyone seemed to pitch in. It was an incredible experience. Doris was torn between speechlessness and tears of gratitude. She could not believe that so many people would care for her and help.

When working with the law of attraction, it is important not just to ask for things, but also to receive. Sitting back and allowing our friend, the universe, to do its job, can be difficult for many of us. We are so used to being active, to “doing”. Meanwhile the secret to manifesting is to know when to be passive and open yourself up to receiving, to giving yourself permission to accept whatever goodies the universe delivers to you.

This week I would like you to take a break from being active all the time and caring for others. Sit back, be passive and allow others to take care of you. If you do not have family or friends to do so, go for a massage, a facial a pedicure, or whatever it is that will make you feel great, pampered and cared for.

Have a cared for week,

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