June 12th, 2011

Be a better person each day

Escalator-StairsIn order to have a more beautiful life, we must become the best person we can possbily be. To some of us this is a daunting task. Their image of their ideal self is huge and perfect and not humanly attainable on this planet.

Others may not even have reflected on what their ideal me would be like. Whichever of these two categories you belong to or to which degree does not matter. Sure it is nice to have a big game plan. But having or not having one does not stop you from making a little step in the right direction every day.

If we strive each day to be a little better than we were the day before, eventually we will have come a lot closer to be being excellent.

I want you to think about in which way you personally may accomplish this during the next week by pondering the following questions:

  • Am I breathing deeply right now?
  • Am I standing up straight, like a winner?
  • Am I eating to live, not living to eat?
  • Where can I walk to instead of driving?
  • Which stairs can I take instead of the elevator?
  • Which good deed could I do today?
  • Have I brightened anyone’s day today?
  • Have I made more people happy today than I did yesterday?
  • At how many people did I smile today?
  • How many people did I make smile today?
  • Am I consciously noticing negative thoughts and refocussing my thoughts on positive outcomes, instead?

Add to this list as you go along. And then try to integrate the parts into your life, one each day.

If you, like many of us, tend to forget your improvement points as you get involved in the business of everyday life, you can set yourself some reminders, such as:

  • Stand-up straight every time you pass through a door
  • When you see an elevator think, “can I take the stairs instead?”
  • When you see a sad or grumpy person, smile at them and see, if you can get them to smile back at you. This is actually a great game to play on public transport
  • Take a deep breath before you have your coffee or any other drink
  • Instead of complaining, day dream how that situation would have been, if it had been perfect

Have an excellent week and breathe deep,


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