January 19th, 2012

EFT for Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy Side Effects

When I called Lisa to check how she was feeling, she seemed very upset. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer and operated on recently, she is now undergoing radiation treatment. Like many women Lisa is having unpleasant side effects. Her skin was feeling like it was badly sun burnt: Itching and burning driving her almost out of her mind. As if that was not bad enough, she was told by the doctors that she was not allowed to apply any medication – other than powder – to alleviate the itching.
When I talked to her she sat with an ice pack on her boob on the sofa and told me about this with a teary voice. This brave, strong woman who toughed out diagnosis and surgery, always being upbeat in spite of it all, was now reduced to tears, because the constant discomfort of the radiation treatment’s side effect were wearing her down.
I listened and gently asked her, if she would like to try EFT on this. She agreed, saying that it wouldn’t get worse and she’d do anything to get rid of that itch. I then asked her to describe the nature of the itch as best she could. It turned out that her nipple was the worst area affected and just about driving her crazy.
So we started:

Set-up Statement

3 x Karate chop: “Even though my nipple’s itchiness is driving me crazy, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Basic Receipe

We then proceeded to tap throughout he full basic receipt, as outlined by Gary Craig:
Eyebrow point: “My nipple’s itchiness”
Side of the eye: “My nipple’s itchiness”
Under the Eye: “My nipple’s itchiness”
Collar bone: “My nipple’s itchiness”

We skipped the Under the Arm point, as it was too close to the effected area and I did not want to cause Lisa any more discomfort.

Thumb Nail: “My nipple’s itchiness”
Forefinger Nail: “My nipple’s itchiness”
Middle Finger Nail: “My nipple’s itchiness”
Pinkie Finger Nail: “My nipple’s itchiness”
Groove on Top of the Hand: “My nipple’s itchiness”

Continuing to tap on the Top of the Hand and thinking about the itchiness of her nipple:
Eyes closed
Eyes open
Eyes sharp down to the right
Eyes sharp down to the left
Eyes rolling clockwise
Eyes rolling counter-clockwise
Humming the first few bars of Happy Birthday
Counting “1,2,3,4,5”
Humming the first few bars of Happy Birthday

We concluded the round with tapping the Top of the Head.

Take a deep breath.

How do you feel?

Lisa’s reaction made me smile. She sounded so astonished. Her discomfort in just one round of tapping had gone to a 2 out of 10. I asked her, if she would like to try to get the itching down to a zero. She agreed and so we continued:

Set-up Statement

We changed the set-up statement to: “Even though my nipple is still itching a little bit, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Basic Receipe

The reminder phrase for the basic receipt was now: “This remaining itchiness”

After the second round Lisa’s discomfort was down to zero.

The whole procedure took maybe ten minutes.

I checked on her again that evening and the next morning and the itchiness was still completely gone.

I hope this little case study helps some of you or your loved ones.

Breathe deep,

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