April 11th, 2012

Universe Cheques for Services Rendered Help to Manifest Cash

Kyle asked:

Could you elaborate a little on this Anna? I love this idea. I’ve heard of it before, but never done it. Is this for anything you did throughout the day that u feel was productive or what not? Thanks!



Hi Kyle,

There are very many different ways in which cheque writing from the Universe may be used. Writing a cheque for services rendered is one particular method which addresses the issue of people feeling undeserving of the money they would like to manifest.

The focus of this exercise is to think about all the good and nice things that you have done in the past for anyone – be it humans, animals, plants, things or places. Whatever you do for anyone or anything is a service to the Universe. This can be as simple as picking up a bit of trash from the street, helping an old lady across the street, giving a stranger a smile, helping those in need, giving advice to a friend … the possibilities are endless.

By taking on the role of the universe (or God or whichever way you would like to refer to IT) you acknowledge your contribution. Put yourself in the position of the Universe with your blank cheque in front of you. You are the Universe considering the contribution that the human in you has made over the years. Think in detail about all the good things this human has done over the years. You will realize that the money this human is asking for is paltry compared to the huge contribution given to the Universe. If you think the human may be uncomfortable receiving all that cash in one cheque you may write several post dated ones. You may for example write int he memo section of your cheque: “1st instalment for help services rendered. Thx! Great Job! :-)” and then you sign the cheque “God” or “Universe” or whatever.

The money you are asking to receive is then not a matter of whether you deserve it or not, but simply a payment for services you have already rendered to the universe. This little mind twist can have a significant impact on your ability to manifest large sums of cash. In addition, thinking about all the good you have done will make you feel really good about yourself. This is also invaluable for successful manifesting.

Of course, as always, this is just a suggestion of what I do. Try it on for size play with it, have fun with it. See if it fits. And make up your own versions of it. 😉

Hope, this helps.

Keep sparkling,


The Secret of How to Manifest Cash - Cheque SampleThe Secret of How to Manifest Cash - Cheque Template

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