June 26th, 2011

Breathe deep

In … Out … In … Out …

Many years ago when I was in college my roommate and I took a womens’ self defence course. One of the things we were taught was that upon attack we should take a deep breath before doing anything else. You see, humans when panicked tend to forget to breathe. But only with oxygen can our brains function properly and tell us the best course with which to proceed.

In every day life we don’t think about breathing much. Yet it is so important to our well being. It is also helpful when doing your Law of Attraction manifestation exercises. Therefore, this week I would like you to focus on your breathing. Learn to breathe properly and apply it as often as you can.

Deep breathing is not gasping for air. It is not lifting your chest. It is also not just letting your tummy plunge outwards. Proper breathing involves your whole torso. Chest, stomach, sides and back expand. Through this expansion your body sucks in air.
To learn proper breathing techniques, it would be best for you to take a class. I did so a few years ago from an opera singer. Breathing is incredibly important for singing. No air – no song. So you can bet that a professionally trained singer knows how to breath and also can show you exercises that help you to learn how to breathe.

But classes are costly and, depending on where you live, may not be readily available. Therefore, I have screened a slew of youtube videos for you. Here are some good ones that I found and that I think can really help you to breathe well.

The following video explains in detail what happens in your body when you breathe. You may be surprised:

And here is a great video in which a music teacher explains proper breathing technique:

Like food is fuel for your body, breathing is food for your soul. Breathe deep this week and ever after.

Take care of yourself,


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