June 7th, 2011

Stretch your soul!

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Photo: Jane M. Sawyer

Today, I had this absolutely incredible thing happening to me: Someone took care of me. I kid you not. Usually I am the strong one. In this case I had landed myself in a spot of trouble and a friend, a fairly new one at that, went to bat for me. When I thanked her, she told me, she would go to bat for me anytime and that she was glad she was able to help.

A little bit embarrassing – I must tell you – I started to cry. This felt so nice. Someone taking care of me. And also a bit uncomfortable. Like a muscle sore from unusual exercise. Except that is wasn’t a muscle. It was my soul.

This made me ponder. Do we exercise our souls enough? Or do we only do little make-believe exercises that keep us well in our comfort zone? To stretch your soul, I want you to do something during the next week that is completely different from what you normally do:

If you like to arrange flowers. Sign up for a car mechanic course at the learning Annex. If you are more the car mechanic type – sign-up for an aromatherapy course. If you are a fast food junkie – take a course in French cuisine cooking. If you like going to baseball games, I want you to go the the museum next weekend. If you like museums, go to a boxing match.

Whatever you decide to do, dive into that experience. Don’t just go there as an outsider. Talk to people. They will greatly add to your experience and round out pockets of your soul that you may have been missing.

Many years ago a boyfriend, Kotti, and I went to a tattoo show. This was way before “everyone” had a tattoo like nowadays. Back then, we did not know anyone who had one. We had asked some friends to join. But when we got to the entrance, the two dozen or so choppers with biker types to match scared them off. My friend Kotti and I went in anyways.

It was surreal. The smell of pain sweat – getting a tattoo is quite painful – made me gasp at first. The people  – definitely not the type we would ordinarily come into contact with let alone socialize with. We walked from stand to stand, gathering bits and pieces of information and eventually even got to talk to some attendees. They were so incredibly nice. Not scary at all. And they patiently explained to us the different types of tattoos.

It was an incredible afternoon. Would I go to a tattoo show again? Maybe, maybe not. But, this experience is more vivid in my mind even though it was many years ago, than last week’s dinner party.

Life your life! Dive in. Stretch yourself. Experience all the different facets. That is what you are here for.

Breathe deep,


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