Are you?

checkmark feeling overwhelmed with all the issues in your life?
checkmark having physical problems that you suspect may have emotional causes?
checkmark tired of always having to be the strong one and doing it all alone?
checkmark feeling unloved, unsupported and out of control?

Would you like to?

checkmark change your life, but don’t quite know where to begin?
checkmark have a coaching partner who emphatically listens, does not judge or tell you what to do?
checkmark conquer pains, fears, trauma and other issues that are holding you back?
checkmark get support and guidance from someone who can actually help you?

Are you suffering from?

checkmark past trauma checkmark chronic pain
checkmark low self-esteem checkmark fears
checkmark underperformance checkmark change issues

I would love to help you to

checkmark discover what is causing your problems and holding you back!
checkmark explore where you would like to be and how you can get there!
checkmark dissolve issues that are preventing you from being the best you can be!
checkmark implement change and create your dream life!
checkmark learn an integrated EFT and Law of Attraction approach to tackle life’s challenges with ease and fun

Together we can bring out the best in you and make you shine!


call meFor more information on telephone coaching, to book an appointment or to set up a FREE 15-minute phone consultation please click here.


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