Along my way of trials and errors, I have come across some products and services which I like and want to share with you. In the resources section I will briefly introduce to you such products and services with a link to where you may get more information.
For full disclosure, I would like to point out to you that some of these products carry an affiliate link. This means that I will receive a fee, if you purchase that product. Regardless of this, though, I have listed only products here of which I am truly convinced:

How to Manifest

How to Manifest Cash with a ChequeBlank cheque pre-prints for manifesting cash from the Universe with a blank cheque download no-nonsense version or download pretty version.

Law of Attraction

Mind Movies

Mind Movie Software

Vision videos are great tools to help you manifest the life you really want. Basically, they are images and affirmations stacked behind each other that you look at repeatedly to engrave them into your mind. Most computers have some sort of free movie making software that you can use to make vision videos. Much easier is the use of the mind movie software. Have a look at it here.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


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